What is a Money Market Account?

Money Market AccountWhen you are looking for a good safe way to invest your money you should look into a money market account. They are a great way to maximize your savings potential without any risk. Many people don’t understand the way money market accounts work and therefore they don’t know how to choose the best money market account for their financial situation.

A money market account is an account that works like both a checking and savings account. They offer you the ability to earn a much higher rate of interest then a standard savings account. This is because you only have the ability to withdraw money from your account six times a month, this is standard and every financial institution has the same rules. You can either write a check or a debit card to access your money.

What to Look for in a Money Market Account

One of the first things you should find out when searching for the best money market account is if the financial institution that you are going to use is FDIC insured. This is basically saying that the federal government is insuring your money, so if your bank, for whatever reason, goes out of business your money is not lost, you will get it back. Another important factor is monthly maintenance fees that some financial institutions have. Many of them will waive all monthly fees if you keep a certain minimum balance each month and if you look around, especially on the internet, you can find many of them that have no fees and have require no minimum balance requirements. This is especially helpful if you are just beginning to start saving, the last thing you need is having your savings eaten up by fees.

Opening balances vary from institution to institution. Almost every money market account has a minimum opening requirement. However, they run the gamut, many require only $50 to open an account but as you get the better interest rates you will often have higher opening balance requirements, in fact several of them get up to the $5,000 mark.

Where to Find the Best Money Market Accounts

Until recently the only place to open a money market account was to go to a local bank. With the internet becoming so prevalent in society, lending institutions have begun to use it to recruit new customers. Some of the best money market accounts are available by internet. They don’t have the high expensive of having lots of buildings to maintain so they are able to offer higher interest rates.

The only real difference between using an internet bank and a local branch is how you make your deposit, you will make your deposit two ways you can have your employer do a direct deposit or you can mail them a deposit. It is recommended that when you mail your deposits you send them certified.

Having a money market account is one of the best ways to save your money with no risks like stocks or bonds. You keep your money liquid and earn a great interest rated so take some time and find the best money market account for you and your financial circumstances.

Savings Accounts

Savings AccountsSavings accounts are the best idea for putting away a set amount of money each week or month depending on your circumstances. You would be surprised at how quickly this money can add up if you are contributing a set amount from your paycheck every payday.

When shopping around for the best savings account, find one that pays a good interest rate and has a minimal amount for opening the account. A lot of banks only require a dollar to open an account while others may want you to deposit anywhere from 5 dollars to 50.

The convenience of having money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and placed in your savings account is great for some. However others may not put a set amount in each payday and may want to choose how much they deposit into their savings account.

The best type of savings account will pay a comparable interest rate, be easily accessible to your home or work, will not charge a fee for withdrawals from your account, has on-line availability, and does not require a large deposit to open. If you have a bank account and access it online you should be able to transfer money to and from your savings account. You should try not to transfer from it unless it is an emergency because this defeats the purpose of having the savings account in the first place.

Some types of savings accounts are geared towards the holiday season. This allows you to save money for Christmas. If you start it early enough in the year by the time Christmas rolls around you can have a nice amount for your holiday shopping.

Another type of savings account featured by some banks link your debit card with your savings account. Every time you make a purchase using your debit card the amount is rounded up to the next dollar and the extra is deposited into your savings account. Some of these banks will even match the amount deposited by a certain percentage.

Savings accounts are great ways to start your children out learning how to be responsible when it comes to money. Open a savings account and let them deposit birthday money or Christmas money for themselves. All the change that gets thrown in a jar every day can become a savings account deposit for them. They will love to go to the bank and deposit their own money and in the process you are teaching them the importance of saving.

Another advantage to a savings account is establishing credit. If you borrow money from your bank using the money in your savings to secure the loan, when you pay the loan back you will have established credit with your bank. This can make it easier to get an unsecured loan should you need debt consolidation.

It is important to have a savings account and add to it regularly. For that unexpected expense that crops up, having the money to cover without having to borrow the money is great. With everything today being based on credit-worthiness, establishing a good relationship with your bank or credit union can make a big difference when it comes to buying a home or a car.