Credit Card Debt Elimination Program

Credit Card Debt Elimination ProgramNeed a debt reduction program? You are not alone. Here are tips on reducing debt that you can do right now.

Knock Off Using Credit

If you haven’t done this one, then this is the place to start. Put the credit cards and line-of-credit checks under lock and key, and operate as if you don’t have them at all. Figure out how to make more income and pay cash instead. This is the single most effective action you can take.

Never Commit to Spending More Than Your Income

When you pay for an item with credit because you don’t have the cash, you are committing your future income to pay the credit company. Then you experience economic slavery. Ask yourself if you just want the item or if you really need it to increase your production of income. If you need it, figure out how to make the cash to pay for it over a short period of time, rather than buying on credit. Find ways to increase your income and use it to pay both current expenses and pay off credit debt.

Always Pay More than the Minimum Payment Required

Your debt reduction program will be most effective if you carve out a minimum of 10% to 15% of your income. Use this money to reduce debt. Set a target of paying 3 to 5 times the minimum monthly payment on every credit card. Set aside some of the payment money every week until the statements arrive. It’s always easier to save small amounts over 4 weeks than pay a big bill all at once.

Your credit card payment strategy should also include paying more on the highest interest rate card. Another strategy is paying off low balance cards as fast as possible. After you pay those cards off, the money you were paying on those cards can be paid against the highest interest rate cards.

Never Pay Late or Spend Over Your Limit

Do not destroy your debt reduction strategy by getting hit with late payment or over-limit fees of $25 to $39 on which you’ll pay interest. Plus, if you pay over 30 days late, that black mark stays on your credit record for 7 years – a harsh penalty to pay.

Recently a Vice President of a U.S. bank stated that over 24 Billion dollars was paid out in interest, late fees and over-limit fees last year on credit cards. Do you think the credit card company really minds if you pay late or go over your limit? If they didn’t want you to spend over the limit they could have declined the charge, right?

Cut Back on Expenses

Reducing debt requires as much cash as possible, as fast as possible. Look closely at where your income is being spent and cut back on any expenses that do not contribute to the production of more income. Before you spend, figure out how much money that purchase is going to bring back in to you, your family or your business.

Tip: If you are a business owner, always promote your business to everyone – don’t cut back on that activity. Just make sure you are getting more sales from your promotional activities than what it costs to promote.

Correctly managing the money in a business or household to ensure its survival takes more than a debt reduction program, but this is a great place to start. There are other steps that you can take to increase income, pay bills on time, have cash reserves for emergencies, increase profits and pay yourself more money. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Debt Reduction Programs

Debt Reduction ProgramsDebt elimination programs help to reduce your debt and improve your financial situation. But not all programs offer the same benefits or risks. Depending on your situation, some programs will be better than others.

Debt Management Plans – Programs To Handle Accounts

Debt management plans (DMP) handle your unsecured loans. You make one monthly payment to the company, and they handle the rest. A debt management company also works with creditors to lower your rates, helping you to pay off most accounts in five years. Creditors have predetermined rates, so all debt management companies will get you the same reduced rate on your accounts.

Not all loan rates can be lowered, for instance car and student loans. Your credit may also be frozen for a year or more. However, as you establish regular payments and a lower debt to income ratio, you will soon qualify with conventional lenders.

Debt Negotiation – Programs To Reduce Debt

Debt negotiation programs reduce part of your debt. Most companies boast that for a fee, they can reduce accounts from 10% to 50%. With a lower principal balance, your monthly payments will be lower, allowing you to pay off the rest of your account.

A reduction of your loan balances will have a long term affect on your credit history. While you may qualify for subprime lending, most conventional lenders won’t handle your application for at least two years. Reduced debt also has to be reported as income for tax purposes.

Credit Counseling – Programs To Develop A Plan

Credit counseling programs create a personalized financial plan. A certified counselor discusses your situation in a private meeting, either in person or over the phone. They may suggest loan consolidation, DMP, or debt negotiation. They can also help you plan for your future goals, such as purchasing a home or retiring.

Debt Consolidation Online Tips

Debt consolidation, as we know, is a technique where the borrower of many loans takes a single loan from a different lender to pay off his loans. An example of such an instance is when a person X has taken three loans i.e. for lets say, home improvement, business development and for wedding purposes. The interest rates of these loans are 15%, 17% and 19% respectively; the average of which comes out be 17%. With debt consolidation the borrower can pay off all his loans at once with taking another loan.

That loan can be taken by applying online or applying to a local lender which deals in providing the debt consolidation loans. Although in case of debt consolidation it would be better that the borrower should go online for his loan. Online debt consolidation loans provide benefits that may not be achieved with the other forms of debt consolidations. The benefits that a borrower of online debt consolidation can get are:

• Online debt consolidation may be cheaper than the other forms of consolidation as the borrowers can negotiate the rate of interest and that is generally lower than the average rate that the borrower had been paying.

• The data of the borrower also remains confidential which helps the borrowers a great deal, especially those who have bad credit history. Also for people with bad credit history it provides an opportunity to improve their credit score by following the repayment schedule properly.

• While online, the borrowers can use features like debt calculators, loan calculators and also take the expert advice on the matter that concerns the borrowers.

• An online debt consolidation option provides many more options to the borrowers than the other methods of debt consolidation.

With so many benefits, it is only obvious that Online Debt Consolidation would be a far superior option than any other form of debt consolidation.

For the benefit of borrowers who intend to apply for online debt consolidation, they may require a few documents to apply for the loan.

• Income proof

• Residential proof

• Age proof

• Any proof which shows that the borrower has recurring income.

• In case of a secured loan, a document relating to the collateral that will be provided as such.

• In case of borrowers with bad credit history, they may be asked to provide a statement showing their credit scores.

Once all the documents are in order the borrower can apply for the online debt consolidation by following the respected links. Once that is done the loan will be approved in a few working days for you to utilize.

When you are comparing programs, be sure to compare the affect on your credit score, not just fees and tempting lower payments. The slower approach of a DMP can save you thousands in interest costs on future loans. However, there are cases when debt negotiation is the better option, especially to avoid bankruptcy.