How To Consolidate Your Debt Yourself

How To Consolidate Your Debt YourselfIf you are in debt problems, you are not alone. Statistic has shown that in our country on an average, people have eight credit cards and an average debt of $9340. High interest rate of 18-25% (mainly credit cards) is one of the reasons due to which debt has grown at a pace of 5% every year.

With an increase in debt problems across the whole nation, there is also a fast growth of debt consolidation companies and services surfacing. These companies usually offer easy solutions to help combat your debt problems but not without charges or fees.

If you are diligent enough, and know your financial health, you can consider consolidating your debt yourself and save your consolidation fees to repaying your debt.

To consolidate your debt yourself

You will need to negotiate with your creditors to lower your interest rate, and late payment fees which are usually the biggest barrier to clearing your debts. With that done, you will need to draft a budget plan and follow it diligently.

With that said, there are certainly more that that to consolidate your debts yourself.

Creditors Database

Reveal a list of creditors and collection agencies, with their contact details and most importantly their standard creditor’s debt settlement policies. Knowing your creditors polices will help improve your chances of successful negotiation.

Sample Debt Consolidation Letters

Provide a list of letters with standard formats written to creditors for different occasions and purposes. There is also a mailing guideline to help you contact your creditors. For those who find it hard to pen a proper letter, this is really useful.

Debt Calculator

An advance and interactive debt calculator to solve and sum up difficult debt related calculations with a few clicks. Use this tool to calculate your monthly payment to help draft your budget plans.

When consolidating your debts, self discipline is very important. Make doubly sure that you are committed to your budget plan once its draft and you will soon live a debt-free life again.

Credit Cards Are a Problem

Credit cards are no more a luxury, they are almost a necessity. So, you would imagine a lot of people going for credit cards. In fact, a lot of people posses more than one credit cards. So, the credit card industry is growing by leaps and bounds. However, the credit card industry and credit card holders are posed with a big problem called ‘Credit Card Debt’. In order to understand what ‘credit card debt’ actually means, we need to understand the workflow associated with the use of credit cards as such.

Credit cards, as the name suggests, are cards on which you can get credit i.e. make borrowings (your credit card debt). Your credit card is a representative of the credit account that you hold with the credit card supplier. Whatever payments you make using your credit card are actually your borrowings that contribute towards your credit card debt. Your total credit card debt is the total amount you owe credit card supplier. You must settle your credit card debt on a monthly basis. So, you receive a monthly statement or your credit card bill which shows your total credit card debt. You must pay off your credit card debt by the payment due date failing which you will incur late fee and interest charges.

However, you have the option of making a partial (minimum) payment too, in which case you don’t incur late fee but just the interest charges on your credit card debt. If you don’t pay off your credit card debt in full, the interest charges too get added to it. So your credit card debt keeps on increasing, more so because the interest rates on credit card debt are generally higher than the interest rates on other kind of loans/borrowings. Further, the interest charges add on to your credit card debt each month to form the new balance or the new credit card debt amount.

If you continue making partial payments (or no payments) the interest charges are calculated afresh on the new credit card debt. So you end up paying interest on the last month’s interest too. Thus your credit card debt accumulates rapidly and soon you find that what was once a relatively small credit card debt has ballooned into a big amount which you find almost impossible to pay. Moreover, if you don’t still control your spending habits, your credit card debt rises even faster. This is how the vicious circle of credit card debt works.

The First Step to Get Out of Debt

The First Step to Get Out of DebtIf you are like many people, you are spending hundreds of dollars every month in interest payments on credit cards and other forms of debt. While you are giving your money to financial institutions every month, you are not able to use it yourself. The first step to getting out of debt and building savings instead is to consolidate all your debts into one loan with a low debt consolidation loan rate.

Combining all your credit cards and other debts into one loan with a low debt consolidation loan rate will benefit you in three main ways. Firstly, you will have extra money in your pocket every month some of which can be used to build savings. Secondly, you will have stopped the financial leak and saved thousands of dollars, not only over the term of the loan but possibly over the rest of your life, since there is no guarantee that credit cards or lines of credit will ever be paid off. And thirdly, you will be debt free at the end of the term of the loan as long as you make the payments and you cancel all credit cards and lines of credit after the balances have been paid out.

Debt consolidation using a low debt consolidation loan rate is like taking financial pain relief; it stops the pain that debt is causing almost immediately and gives you a chance to start recovering. Once you have taken control of your finances again (they are no longer controlling you), you can stick to the loan payments and know you will be out of debt at the end of it. You will also have more money every month so that you can begin to save. At the end of the loan term, you may even decide to keep paying the loan repayment amount except this time into your own savings account. If you have become used to doing without it, why not turn it to your advantage?

If you don’t know how to find the best debt consolidation loan rate, there are many debt consolidation services whose business is to help you. You can look for a local business if you prefer to talk to someone face to face, or you can search for online businesses that can help you and even provide the means for online applications. You can do a geographical search so that even though you are dealing online you are still using a relatively local service that can be contacted by phone if necessary.