Christian Debt Consolidation Company

Christian Debt Consolidation CompanyThere are many Christian debt consolidation companies that may appear to be contradictory to many Christian’s beliefs. These Christian debt and loan consolidation companies however, tell fellow Christians that it is Biblical to take advantage of a consolidating program run by a Christian debt consolidation company.

Whether or not it is acceptable for a Christian to get into debt is being discussed within the Christian community. Some say that it is not alright for a Christian to owe any money, even in cases such as car and home loans. Others say that it is alright to keep some personal debt as long as the item purchased is an asset with the potential to appreciate. Another view of debt being OK is that it was purchased to produce an income or that the value of the item purchased equals or exceeds the amount owed against it or the debt is not so large that repayment puts undue strain on the budget.

Christian debt consolidation companies point to the verses in the scripture regarding debt and borrowing. ‘Owe no man any thing, but to love one another’ (Romans 13:8). Proverbs warns us that, ‘Just as the rich rule over the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender’ (Proverbs 22:7). Christian debt consolidation companies also say that it is very clear in the scripture that we are to pay back what we borrow as it says ‘The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously’ (Psalm 37:21).

Christian debt consolidation companies say that the Lord wants us to live an abundant life which becomes increasingly more difficult with increasing debt and that being free from any financial encumbrances is an incredible empowering feeling. Christian debt consolidation companies are committed to helping people get back control of their finances and become debt free. This is an interesting twist on the words of the scripture but many Christians believe that they cannot deal with a non-Christian organisation but are perfectly comfortable with Christian debt consolidation companies. Interestingly, Christian debt consolidation companies do not have any restrictions on the religious beliefs of the people that they lend to – of course, that would be discrimination, but it is worth wondering why they claim to be Christian debt consolidation companies and not simply debt consolidation companies.

Christian debt consolidation companies claim to be offering people the ability to re-finance their debt at lower interest rates, some even to zero interest. The simple fact is that being a Christian debt consolidation company or a non-Christian debt company does not seem to have made any difference in their ability to make false claims! There is no reason to choose a Christian debt consolidation service over any other apart from personal preference.

Christian Debt Consolidation Services

Those companies need more customers, and as I already explained, they have very nice sales pitches, like:

“We will help you to eliminate your debts, don’t worry”, “Consolidate your bills into one monthly payment without borrowing”, until “Keep your property”...

The “Christian” Debt Consolidation Services seems legitimate at the first glance, but someone who has an eagle eye on the sale process will see in that the name of “Christian” here is taken to get people in a state of confidence.

What does it mean? It mean that by reading this word, something is happening in the customer mind, and ultimately, he will become a customer...

Actually, it is just another pitch, just more appealing to catch even more people, taking them from two sides:

You don’t have choice,

You think they are better than others, that they are legitimate.

People really think that these “Christian Debt Consolidation” companies will help them.

Did we forget what does help mean?

I don’t know for you, but if I want to help somebody who needs $10,000, I don’t ask him to give me back $12,000 while I know that him and his family are already in troubles. This is pure injustice.

I will give him those $10,000 and when he can give them back to me, I will tell him: thanks for my $10,000. But what if he can’t give me my money back?

IF he can’t, he can’t. When you lend money to someone in difficulties, you pertinently know that you may never see this money again. This is what we call help, and in reality, it is only justice.

I have already done that, and I will continue to do it, without asking any kind of interest.

So, before you decide to go to any of these companies, or others, like debt settlement or debt counseling companies, be sure that you know what you are doing, and more important, be sure that the company is legitimate.

A name is only a name, what is important is people actions...

I don’t recommend to go to these companies, but what I recommend is a good money management plan instead. There is a lot of way to earn more money from your home today, with Internet. What people in debt want is not to getting out of debt! What they want is more money.

Managing Your Debts

Managing Your DebtsManaging your debts is probably something that you keep putting off. It is pretty difficult to do when the creditors continue to call. And call. And call some more. It is about time you quit hiding, and start dealing with your debts face to face. There are steps that can be taken to assist you in managing your debt, and clearing your name from the creditors phone list once and for all.

The first thing you should do is develop a budget. This is a crucial part in eliminating your debts. It also assists in helping you take control of your current monetary position. You need to first examine your set expenses such as mortgage, car and rent payments, insurance co-payments and premiums,etc. Then list your other costs such as entertainment and recreational activities. You must prioritize these expenses and determine whether or not you have enough money left over each month to donate to your debt reduction efforts.

Another option in reducing debts is to increase your monthly payments on credit cards. When you pay more than the minimum payment, a greater sum of money is applied towards the overall account balance. In the end, this will cost a person less money in interest. If you add just a few extra dollars each payment, the number of payments of each loan or credit card can be decreased. What does this mean for you? Decreasing the amount of payments made lowers the sum an individual pays in interests and in fees and charges.

When attempting to manage your debts, you should contact your creditors immediately. Occasionally, if you let creditors know that you are attempting to eliminate your debts, credit companies will decrease your card interest rates. Also, if you are having problems making monthly payments, let the creditor know, and many will arrange a specialized plan for you.

Consolidation is a significant option in reducing and managing your debts. Having numerous high interest loans, high interest bills or credit cards causes you to spend more money for the items that were purchased then they were actually worth.If you are a real estate owner, think about a second mortgage or even a home equity loan. This will eliminate the high interest rate debts. However, beware. Most of these types of loans will require you to put up your house as a source of collateral. If you fail to make your payments, you could very easily lose your home.

Credit counseling may be the perfect solution for managing your debt. Most credit counseling services assist you in coming up with a logical option for eliminating debt. These organizations can provides a variety of services such as, debt managing advice, and classes and workshops aimed towards money management, debt consolidation and budgeting.